Zyfirro Pin Collection Display Case

DIY hacks for Pin collection display case

Small shadow boxes for trendy use

Pin collection display cases are a unique way to save your memories in a small shadow box. These can save your traditional and creative looks in a proper safe style for a lifetime. Pin collection display cases can be acrylic, glass, or vintage displays, in which you can save your reminiscences. Shadow boxes are enclosed with some transparent display to show the collection.

Zyfirro pin collection display case is a perfect choice for your collection. This case comes in UV protection which never allows your achievements and collection to become fade. 98% trans piracy allows your visitors to see your collection, and its brass lock provides you the facility to lock the case.

Check out some DIY ideas to style your small shadow box.

Precious moment shadow boxes

You can truly add your memories in a shadow box and properly arrange them. Recollect all your collections and fix them in the shadow box to make them lifetime memories.

Shadowbox pin display 

Zyfirro brings a shadow display case for your honor medals, flags, brochures, pins, achievements. You can arrange all your collection in the box, and on the other hand, its brass lock quality and UV protection can never allow your collection to fade.

These black shadow boxes have the quality of hanging them on the wall. You can display the shadow box on the wall and make it nominate in front of everyone.

Anniversary shadow box

You want to surprise your peers with a boundless feeling. All you have to do is bring a small shadow box and arrange all your memories in a frame and display the shadow box on the wall.
Shadow boxes not only recall your memories but also make an amazing bond between the family.

Thread colors black shadow box

Suppose you are running an art section or some studio. Decorate your shadow box with rainbow colour threads to recognize your art and attract others with your unique way of using colors.

Bloomy small shadow box on wall

Give your walls a new life. Add a variety to your walls. Make a small floral shadow box and place them on some shelves or fix them on walls. These not only add beauty to your walls. But also shows your attachment towards nature.

Cascades waterfall shadow box

If you are a photographer or a nature lover, you are the right person to make this shadow box. You may print your clicks or make woven cascade waterfall on fabric and attach them to the shadow box.

Your taste appears on your walls and shows your love for your hobby.

Brochures shadow boxes

Your ancestors’ collections are always a permanent source of attachment. You may have your grandma’s collection of brooches and never want to lose them in the future. They are always very special to you, and each time you see them, you want to be worn. Unfortunately, they are outdated.

We have a solution for your situation. Add these brochures in a small shadow box and pin them on some fabric. You can make a trendy old collection in just your new style. And yes, your collection is safe and worth watching.

First steps shadow boxes

Indeed, you love your family. And you want to save each of their moments, not want to miss anything. You may print your child’s first step on a canvas and fix them in a small shadow box to preserve them for the era.

Fix them on some wall or in the room where you have all your collection. Show your love towards your family.

If you have tried these ideas or you try, share with us in the comment section also.

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