Display box


Memorable collections:

This pins collector Display box is a special made for displaying, make them secure and storing your honored medallion. For example, Disney pins, military medals, jewelry, school pin, beach tags, different brooches, flags and other treasures. You can store and secure every memorable and delighted moment. It will be saved in the pins display case and this display case make every memory more preciously and safe.

Easy to show your collections:

It has Pin able background that allow you to attach your various collectibles like military medals, flags, pins, badges, insignia and other items. And with these you can complete, decorate and display your Display box. No doubt it’s really easy to attach, just need to stick it on the surface and you’re done.

Display your loved items:

Graceful hinged, its lockable door and also front made with acrylic glass will definitely create beautiful view with this display case. It has also feature of UV protection which ensures no fading of your loved, favorite, cherished memorabilia and collectibles when it exposed to natural light. Amazing thing is you can hang the pin display case on any wall of your home or in other words you can decorate your home with this case. Other usage is you can proudly display it on a desktop, tabletop or a mantel.


Because of its acrylic glass you can also protect your precious and loved collections from dust. As it has clear and amazing view of your collection inside the lockable cabinet.

Scratch free packaging:

It will be packed in multiple layers for protection, finest packing and tested intensively for safe transit. No scratches, dents and damage. No doubt it Packed with safe packaging which helps ensure safety delivery of acrylic items. Our customers will receive best quality product in one click and with best security.

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