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Display Boxes for collectibles

Shadow Boxes for sale

When shopping for a shadow box, you should consider whether you need the box to hold fragile or breakable items. Most of these boxes are made of wood or metal and can be sturdy. Besides the price, you should also consider the materials of the shadow box. Zyfirro Display cases are made of 100% handmade and wood material. You can display your collectibles without any fear of breakage.

If you are looking for a decorative shadow box for an occasional display, you should consider something more stylish. For example, a shadow box for your wedding can be a beautiful choice.

Another vital factor to consider when shopping for a shadow box for sale is the hardware. We provide the shadow box for everyday use; you will need one to withstand daily wear and tear. If you are looking for a modern and sleek display, a black shadow box will be perfect. You can easily access a black shadow box from our website or find us on

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Things to consider what to display in your shadow box

When shopping for a shadow box, you should also consider what you want to put inside it. Whether it is old toy or wedding memorabilia, you should think carefully about the look of your shadow box. There are various styles and colors of shadow boxes, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Medal shadow boxes

When making your mind about what to do with your shadow box, consider medals to save in your collection. Medallions are a precious thing to keep in your lifetime memories. Zyfirro pin display case provides you the facility to save your medals without worrying about fadedness. Its inner quality makes your awards safe for a lifetime. You can use its tooth hanger to display your medals on the wall anywhere in-home or in-office and display your achievements with pride.

Weeding shadow boxes

Do you have a special gift from a particular person? Your wedding days give you lifetime memories. You want to save your wedding pictures or exchange rings that might be very precious to you. You can make a complete wedding shadow box and design it according to your desire.

Suppose you want to gift it to your friend or peers. You can directly order from our website. We can deliver it to your friend’s doorstep with our special packing, which doesn’t harm your accessory, and safely return it to your desired destination.

Budget-Friendly orders

The next thing to consider when buying a shadow box is its price. You should be able to find one within your price range, and that is attractive. Depending on how much you need the box, you may have to pay for more expensive options to ensure the security of your items. You can choose our Zyfirro display box, which is budget-friendly and comes under your accessible price range is available for you. Our package is unique and comes in a different style than others.

In addition to the style, the type of hardware is essential. Zyfirro provides durable and fixed hardware to protect the items inside from damage. You can use a shadow box to store wedding memorabilia. You can also buy one for a special event like a birthday or a wedding. If you want a sleek, modern look, you can choose a black box.

The color of the shadow box is also essential. We provide a pure wood pin display case, designed hand crafted. In general, you can choose a black pack that suits your tastes. If you have children, consider purchasing a shadow box that matches your decor. You can use it for many different purposes. For example, you can use it to display your child’s artwork or an ultrasound photo of your baby. A black shadow box is also a good choice if you want a sleek look.

The size of a shadow box is essential. The larger the box, the more secure the package will be. You can find the most durable shadow box for sale by comparing the hardware on the box. Zyfirro provides you with a large shadow box. The hardware is what will keep the item in the case secure. The best hardware for a shadowbox is more substantial and better, so you should invest without having any fear.

Display Medals in Pin Display Cases

Whether a military or civilian, displaying your medals in a pin display case is an excellent way to show off your awards and recognition. You can choose a Zyfirro display case with several features to make your collection look its best. You can purchase a black box specialized frame to show off your collectibles—display pins and ribbons in an attractive way.

Some pin displays feature a corkboard, which helps you organize your tasks and project workflow. Other types of boards feature pictures, notes, and lapel pins. There are two different types of cases: the open front pin display case and the closed-door pin display case.

Zyfirro gives you a better closed-door shadow box to save achievements for a lifetime. Large shadow boxes are made and designed to accommodate extensive collections of medals and pins. The latter has a glass screen and felt-covered padding.

Zyfirro solid wood pin display case offers a large display area for your medals. The foam-covered back will hold pins of all shapes and sizes. The point is made with brass door latches and hinges and features a matte black background. The overall depth of the pin display case is 1.1 inches, and the interior depth is 0.5″. You can choose a plexiglass or paper frame to hold your lapel pins for a more regal look.

A solid wood pin display case is a great way to display your collection of medals. Using foam back for your pins will prevent them from rolling away when the case is stored. A wooden pin display case will keep your pins safe and secure and add to your collection’s decorative appeal. A simple wooden display case with a matted background is an excellent choice for displaying lapel pins.

Why choose us?

A solid wood pin display case is an excellent option for displaying your collection. Besides showing your medals, you can also place earrings and buttons in the foam-covered back. It is also essential to secure the pins in pin display cases to avoid falling out. A wooden display case with a foam-covered back is ideal if you have a medal. If you want to protect it from damage, you should use a wooden frame with a matte black background.

A solid wood pin display case is excellent for displaying your medals and pins. A pin display case is an excellent way to showcase your prized medals and accessories. A simple white pennant is a perfect place for a pin collection. You can even have custom designs printed on it, such as a plexiglass screen.

You can display your pins in a pin-display case with a foam-back. Depending on your personal preferences, you can use a combination of wood and metal. Usually, a wooden pin display case is the best choice for an extensive collection. A wooden pin display case with a foam back will keep your collection safe and secure. However, a wood pin display box is best suited for displaying a single medal.

The pin display case is another great choice for displaying your collection. This case is made of solid wood and features a foam back for placing your medals. It has a brass latch and door. The interior depth of the case is 1.1,” and the space between the glass and the foam is 0.5″ deep. You can place several pins in the case. Then, slide them into the foam-backed section.

The solid wood pin display case is a stylish and practical way to show off your collection of pins. It features a transparent plastic lid with a compartment at the bottom. Its interior depth is 1.1,” and it has a matte black background. This pin display case is a great addition to any home or office and is easy to use.

Ideas to Decorate a Shadow Box with Medals and Pins

You can use a variety of ornaments to create a stylish display with your medals and pins. Fill the Zyfirro shadow box with sea sand and dried starfish for a nautical theme. Alternatively, attach a candle holder or decorative paper and add dried flowers. Whether displaying your medals or pins, you’ll need some ideas to decorate a shadow case.

To create a military-themed shadow case, start by displaying the various branches of the armed forces. Place the member’s photo or insignia in the first section. You can also add the mottos of the multiple components of the armed forces. Finally, you can add medals or pins as a focal point. A military-themed shadow box is a great way to honour the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom.

You can pack the medals and pins on a small tin box for a military-themed shadow case. You can place an individual’s photograph in the centre of the display. Moreover, you can add the mottos of different branches on the individual sections and place a large brass plate featuring the service member’s story. The best part about a military-themed shadow case is that it can be displayed on any surface, from a desk to a headboard.

There are several ways to decorate a military-themed shadow box. For example, you can include the symbol of more than one military branch. You can add a member’s picture and logo and their branch’s mottos. You can also add other items such as flags and photos to the display. Depending on the size of your collection, you can also choose between a small and a large size shadow box.

There are many ways to display your service-related memorabilia. Firstly, you can incorporate multiple military branches into a single shadow box. You can include pictures of the member, their logo, their uniform, or even add mottos of each department.

Then, you can use several branches of the military. You can include the members’ photographs or symbols or have the mottos of each unit. You can consist of a medal or pin on each branch using your favourite logo.

You can create a military-themed shadow box with multiple branches of the military. Include the member’s logo and photographs. A large brass plate can also highlight the medals and pins. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can also add a family photograph inside a shadow box. For a military-themed shadow, you can incorporate the symbol of each branch on each side of the shadow box.

If you’re a military member, you’ll want to display a shadow box that includes items belonging to every member. If you’re not a military member, you can also have a photo of each member. This way, each member can be the focus of the display. And it’s easy to make a custom-made shadow box for the entire family.

When making a shadow box for military-related items, consider the branch of service. In addition to the medals, you can also display the dress uniform. It’s important to remember that a military-themed shadow box can include a large photo of the service member. Adding a large brass plate of the member’s story is another option for creating a personalized display. It is also essential to choose a simple background to see the medals and pins.

Enamel Pin Display on Pin Display Case

If you’re interested in displaying your enamel pins, you need a good display case. Zyfirro display case is an incredible choice because it’s inexpensive and readily available. If you’re looking to do a DIY project, you can cut the corkboard to size and arrange it interestingly. If you want to get creative, you can also add colour to the corkboard, which will make the pins stand out more.

A shadow box is a great way to display your enamel pins. A display case is easy to make a great presentation when grouped. You can buy a custom-made one from ours. To display your Zyfirro display case more nominative, add LED lights or glow-in-the-dark tubing to make it more unique.

A pin collection display case is essential for storing and transporting your collection for true pin collectors. Zyfirro pin box inner is made of soft fabric and is suitable for displaying enamel-dipped pins. It will also prevent the clutch from falling off or getting lost. You can use a pin box to store and transport your collection. Our display case is closed, so your enamel pins won’t get scratched or misplaced. It’s also easily portable and a great way to showcase your precious enamel-covered pins.

An enamel pin display on a pin display case can be a stylish and straightforward option. The design is simple but elegant, and the patient can hold between 100 and 50 enamel pins. Its clear acrylic front is also a great option. A clear transparent case is a great way to show off your pins; Our pin case can be customized to fit your needs. It’s best to use a case designed for enamel-diamond-diamonds.

For small and medium-sized collections, a pin display case will do. A pin organizer can be a nice place to store your collection. An enamel pin display case can help you organize your collection of enamel-diamond-diamond-diamagnetic alloy and metal pieces. You can display your enamel diamond diamonds and other items on a display case, and it can be a wonderful place to showcase your jewellery and other things.

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