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Display Your Collectibles in Style

Display case for collectibles in all your those achievements want

Displaying pins in the display case

Enamel pins are a little piece of creativity. Displaying pins in different styles can embellish the beauty of pins. And also pour out the goal behind them.

So, are you a pin possessive person? Or a person with the hobby of collecting displaying pins? Displaying pins in the display case save badges, pins, enamel pins, currency, customized enamel pins and everything you want to save.

Then, you are in the right place to find new ideas for displaying your collection with style and tradition. The first thing that comes into mind for the collectible is to display their collection and make them safe and a lifesaver. Zyfirro can help you in this; we can provide you with a display case with several benefits; like

Brass lock /Lockable cabinet:

Zyfirro display case can lock. It comes in a way with brass lock quality. You can display your pins in it and lock the door without having any fear of dust. Secondly, you are no more worried about others who can touch your pins.

Memorable collection:

Our collection provides you with pin display ideas. You can save your honour and pride in safe hands. You can display Disney pins, medals, brooches, beach tags, enamel pins, military medals, school pins, different brooches and flags. It gives you the opportunity to save you’re every memory.

Elegant hang:

Do you want to show your collection? Or want to place them on the table and room decorative corner? Our display case makes things available and easy for you. You can hang the display case on any wall of your area give your area a new look.

Acrylic display:

Above all, you can also display your pins, medals and achievements in the display case, and the case offers a clear view of every single pin you have displayed in it. Its acrylic display gives the opportunity of protection. And your collection can never get fade due to its UV quality.

Embellished inner:

Additionally, the embellished inner is perfect for enamel pins and all types of collections to store. You can hang them or attach them with some pin in the case.

Pins display ideas for your enamel pins

Embroidery loop:

What an easy and attractive way of displaying enamel pins. Grab the cheapest hoop from your local store in just a few bucks. Add a colour fabric on your hoop, contrast pins colour with the fabric, and make your wall with your style statement.


Meanwhile, you are in some educational institute and want to inspire your student with some achievements. Pins on pinboards in the learning space boost the learning environment. Students will start interacting and participating in the class to gain the pins.

Attractive beanies:

As the weather changes, beanies are there for you in winter. Apply your pin display ideas on your beanie. You can add a couple of enamel pins to your caps. Add a relevant pin on your beanie to give people some specific idea, and engage them towards your brochures.

Shirt collar:

Do you want some extra sass? You can wear an enamel pin on your collar and add beauty to define you. You can use the specific workspace enamel pin on our collar to show your collaboration.

Owners can provide the label enamel pins to the workers and ask them to wear them on a shirt or add them on the collar to show something different and to gain people interaction and attraction.

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